Day 10 : Orthodontist Visit #1, Elastics and Mashed Potatoes

I just want to re-iterate how glorious last nights crab cakes and mashed potatoes were, even if it did take like an hour and a half to eat it.

I just visited the orthodontist (Dr. Quinn) and he and the staff were excited to see how quickly I was healing! I continue to feel like a mutant with super-healing powers. I'm glad I got to see them today as I was feeling anxious about the way my upper jaw seemed canted and only met at one tooth. They decided on some new positions for the elastics.

They had me recline as usual on their chairs so they could peer into my jaw, and as this was happening I realized this is the first time since the surgery that I've been fully reclined. I could feel the blood pressure rise in my head, and I sat there wondering if my nose was going to spring a leak, but hey it didn't! Good job nose.

Dr. Quinn explained how the elastics are there to keep the jaws from regressing, as my muscles will be wanting to pull my lower jaw back out into an underbite, as well as potentially moving the jaws sideways off-center. So the elastics are there to just help the jaw stay in the same position it was after surgery, and then orthodontics will be able to help align the teeth into the final meeting positions for a 'perfect' bite.

New elastics position, functional over sexy.
The good news is it's okay for me to let my jaw hang open, instead of trying to force a bite which was causing pain at the tooth contact point, since right now we're just waiting for the jaws to heal and swelling to reduce. They want to keep a close eye on my jaw, as it's during this time a lot of motion can happen during healing, so I'm scheduled to see them again in 2 weeks.

My weight continues to slowly drop, I'm still several pounds above my ideal weight, so I'm upping the amount of calories I'm taking in through protein shakes. My swelling has definitely reduced since the last 3 days.

Left is today, Right is 3 days ago
I still have chipmunk cheeks and a double chin, but it has continued to reduce, and my double chin is almost gone (I said that before, I'll probably say it again).

Left is 3 days ago, Right is today
(Update 1:30pm) These elastics are forcing my jaw onto one tooth, since my teeth aren't yet aligned. Man it hurts. What's more, it looks like my front teeth are starting rest on the metal brackets, so I'm worried they might chip over time. I've got two weeks to go till my appointment, we'll see how the teeth move and I'll be careful in the meanwhile. Worse case apparently I could go back and get a little  rubber bumpers on the bottom brackets.

(Update 3:50pm) In terms of numbness, my lower chin continues to have sensation return with gusto. I am regularly getting the sharp jabs of pain that is my mental nerve letting me know I'm aliveeee, thanks mental nerve. I can now start to feel from the skin on my lower right chin. The rest still feels very mass-of-fleshy but I can tell when liquid touches it, which is what counts.

Inside my mouth, my lower gum and teeth feel like they have mostly full sensation. My upper teeth and gum previously had no sensation at all. The surgeon said it would take at least a year to regain sensation. I can now feel some sensations on my right side, the teeth there can barely start to feel cold liquid sensations too. Magical healing factor.

(Update 8pm) Got some quality video-gaming time in, ate 1200 calories via a combination of liquid and soft foods. Have some left ear stuffiness, though my nasal passages are clear. Probably some mild sinusitis.

On to Day 11.


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