Right before and after surgery

We arrived at the hospital 2 hours before 9:30 am as they requested, it's about 8:46 am now, I've changed into a medical gown, wearing a hairnet and chilling in this bed with this nice warm blanket.

The beds are motorized, tiny nurses can easily move around giants like me, I'm in the future!

I'll have to put my phone away soon, I'll be getting an IV placed soon, and they say I should be able to see my parents a little bit before surgery, and then see my surgeon and all the other folks to go with. Should be exciting! I'll update this at some point after with more photos.

I described the procedure I'll be having in yesterday's post. It'll be a double jaw surgery, moving the lower backward and the upper forward.

(Update 9:30am) IV is in, had to take some nasal spray that was salty on the throat. Valium will be coming in so I should be feeling it soon.

Getting the IV in
My parents took this of me while I napped.
(Update 11:13am) anesthesiologist came by to discuss the knock-me-out plan. I told them I was worried about nausea so they are adding a scopolamine patch for the ride back home.

My mum (plastic surgeon) asked several questions about the surgery, and made sure no students would be operating on me. I'm pretty relaxed right now, with the valium and IV going through. There is a previous surgery going on right now and then it's my turn. I'm trying to time my last bathroom break to right before surgery.

(Post-Update 12:30pm) I was awake but relaxed as they wheeled me in for surgery. In the operating room there was something like 10 people there, it was a blast to be introduced to all of them. They sidled my robotic bed up adjacent to the operating table. Then in a team of 4 they moved me onto it. As usual, I was too tall for the bed, so they fiddled with my vertical placement, padding to hold my head etc, until I was in a good position. I talked to several doctors during this point, mostly they were checking if I knew who I was, what I was here for etc. And then they put a nasal mask on me for the general anesthesia and had me count backwards. I think I got to around 6 before I passed out.

(Post-Update 6:25pm) Apparently the surgery was done in a record time of 2 hours. I was shaken awake on the operating table. It was actually quite pleasant, I felt fine, even though in hindsight I was super groggy (probably for the best). They told me the surgery went fine, and that I was being moved to my recovery room now.

My first photo, while being wheeled from the OR (operating room) to the recovery room.
Check out those fancy socks.

First selfie! My swelling had just started. Also that nose air thing, they never turned it on.
On to the first of many days, Day 0.