3 Week Check-In (Day 21)

Today marks 3 weeks past since my surgery! I went for another walk to commemorate the moment. Walking was much easier today than a week ago, no issues with nose bleeds or lightheadedness.

It has been interesting to track my resting heart rate and how it's changed due to surgery. My fitbit automatically tracks my resting heart rate. Before surgery It tended to be around 60 bpm. As I started packing on 10 lbs of fat in preparation for surgery, it increased to 66bpm.

Then in the days after surgery it went up to 74 bpm, maxing at nine days after surgery. After that it has slowly dropped back down. It still hasn't gotten to 60bpm, so we'll see.

Before Surgery to After Surgery
I've noticed over the last 2 days some sensation returning to my palate (the upper inside of my mouth). The sensation has been returning from my right side and now it's starting to grow in the main palate region. This is good as now I have a better sense of where food is in my mouth when trying to eat something. I still have no sensation on my upper teeth and gums, but that's supposed to take months.

Day 21 : Swelling still on cheeks/jowls and upper lip, double chin mostly gone.
Swelling has been about the same as usual. I feel like I can open my mouth more, but it's still barely one finger width. It's stiffer and opens less in the morning, and with exercise and throughout the day it slowly increases to one full finger width.

On to Day 22-23.