Day 5 : Full nights rest!

I finally got a full nights rest! I woke up only once or twice for pain meds, and re-situating the giant ball of flesh that is my face currently. I noticed my swelling has dropped enough that I can see a bit of my profile. I did a separate facial profile comparison post here.

Day 5 (Saturday) - almost 10 hours of sleep! Nothing like being home.

In other news, my swelling looks about the same right now, but I feel way more energetic. My weight has still barely budged, meaning I've been eating enough, drinking enough. Now I just need to get some more walkies in. That or play video games.

Day 5 morning mug shot
(Update 8:00pm) Because I like to torture myself, I walked with Lizzy and Anastasia to Bob's Donuts. Yes, the place where I got the last solid food I ate before surgery. I am warming up to the idea of blending donuts.

Look at all the things I can't eat.
The villainous pair who happily ate them in front of me.
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