Day 8 : Jowls for days

My friend asked how the swelling was today. It feels about the same to me, I'm usually a little more swollen in the morning and at night. I still get super sweaty/hot at nights, which means showers are a necessity.

My friend's impression of me. John McCain.
(Update 11:42am) Possibly the worst thing this entire surgery has happened to me today. I semi-sneezed and now my left ear needs to be popped. I can't yawn to pop it, or blow my nose to pop it. I don't know what to do.

(Update 1:43pm) The ear thing seems to have gone away while I was napping. Another thing to note is I haven't needed to take pain meds since midnight. According to other blogs, as my nerve sensations start to come back, I'll start to feel the real pain.

Today I felt tired all morning, I think it may be because I haven't been getting enough calories. My weight has finally started to drop below what I was before I had packed on for surgery. I'm trying to get twice as many calories in today, and I did a easy 20 minutes of pacing on the roof for exercise instead of going for a longer walk like the last two days.

(Update 3:08pm) I can't see much different in swelling today versus the last 3 days. I guess it's the slow haul of swelling going away over the next couple months now.

Day 8
(Update 8pm) Lizzy and I made potato onion soup (she had mashed potatoes). It was the first not-completely-liquid thing I've had in a long time, and that alone made it delicious beyond measure. I couldn't drink it too easily, I had to water it down with milk and water, but the flavours were fantastic.

On to Day 9.


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