T minus 5 days : 2 years ago, when I got braces

It's Thursday, second last day at work. Operation D-Day is on Tuesday. Not much has changed since yesterday, so I guess I'll talk about how my teeth were before braces. They looked like this at the bright bushy-eyed age of 26.

Sam and his gorgeous pre-braces/surgery teeth
Pretty awesome right? I hadn't ever thought about it back then. However, after some heavy introspection, getting an actual job, and several dentists over the years giving me cheeky looks and the whole "Hey I love your teeth, have you considered braces?" I decided to find an orthodontist.

In not so many words, yeah I needed braces, he said (one could argue orthodontists are biased towards braces, but this was a gimme). Not just braces though, the wisdom teeth needed to go, and oh yeah; Jaw Surgery, Double Jaw Surgery.

Unfortunately all the specialists agreed, but my dentist didn't, and man was it a stressor having a dentist telling me I don't need surgery. Who to believe?

When I actually thought about the two sides
  • (Orthodontist + Oral surgeon + Maxillofacial surgeon) vs. (Dentist). 
I decided that surgery is probably the right choice, sure hope there won't be a post in a couple weeks/months saying whoops.

On the plus side, the braces have made my teeth way straighter! I've taken photos reasonably consistently since I put them on, once I get them off I'll make a little timelapse video of it all and post it on this blog. For now my teeth looked like this just a few days ago.

A few days ago, So much straighter!
It's fun swiping quickly through the photo album watching the straggler teeth get pulled back into shape. Tomorrow is the last day at work, besides wrapping up those things, the only other thing I need to do is call the pre-operative department on schedule, where I assume they'll tell me what time to come in, visitation rules etc.

As a fun aside, since I had surgical braces we wired my teeth shut using floss to see what it was like

Next day is T minus 4 days