Day 15 - 17 : Groceries and errands

I'm going to switch to one post a week, updating the post daily.

Day 15

Grocery shopping, carrying 20lb or more is allowed now. I got a little light-headed, especially with the stairs again. Nose didn't bleed, great success. Oh yes. We made lasagna.
Lasagna for days.

Day 16

We made lasagna yesterday, I have enough left-overs for two days. Eating a normal meal takes me around an hour to eat since every bite has to be slow.

What's kind of exciting is that I'm starting to experiment with using my front teeth to... cut things. I've not been able to cut things with my teeth for 2 years now, it's a strange and wonderful experience.

Also I was starting to run low on mouthwash, I just bought enough to last me for ~4-5 months ($30 gets free delivery, and since delivery costed more than the mouthwash, might as well).
I run through a 18oz bottle in ~16 days. So this should last me 4.2 months.
I also got a response from my oral surgeon and orthodontist about my apparant lower jaw cant. The surgeon wasn't worried at all, and said talk to the orthodontist. The orthodontist wasn't worried at all, and said at worst it is a minor cant that existed from before the surgery. I hope he's not worried at all because it'll be easy to correct...

Day 17

I was looking in my mouth today and noticed that my swollen cheeks are so swollen they hug my back teeth and metal brackets like a glove. This is probably is adding to the abrasians/stress in that area, so I pushed on a little dental wax glob on the metal brackets of my back lower teeth. Now the swelling can hug something smoother without those metal hooks.

In terms of changes, I've not been taking pain meds for the last 5 days or so. It feels good to not be dependent. Swelling has been about the same this week, I may be getting slightly more capable of bending over without feeling a blood rush.

Anyway, time to eat more lasagna.

On to Day 18.


  1. Take is easy Sam. You are barely 2 weeks post major surgery!!!!

  2. Looking good, Sam.
    Lasagna looks delicious.


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