11 Week Check-In (Day 74-79) : Biting continues to improve

I bit into a taco the other day, and it was the most glorious bite I've ever done. My teeth closed perfectly, crunching through the taco and the chicken, cleanly severing it into two parts. Is this what normal people experience all the time?

The perfect bite
In terms of my recovery, my swelling is about the same; mostly gone but slight puffiness around the cheeks still. I can open my mouth to 2.5 fingers now. I slacked off a bit on the jaw stretching and have gotten back to it. I am able to bite harder into most things now, able to crunch chips, burgers, pizzas etc. My teeth are meeting well enough to grind salads. I'm still not yet able to do raw carrots or almonds, but it's getting closer.

My numbness on the outside skin is mostly gone, the cheek is almost back to full sensation which is exciting. I'm starting to get sensations in my upper gum, starting from the molars and high up in the gums. I still can't feel the upper gums around my front teeth yet, still another 9 months expected on that one. It hasn't bothered me yet, I just need to be a little careful with flossing and waterpiks for the upper teeth.

I've gotten back to rowing again which is extremely exciting. Today the wind was pretty high, and there was a flood coming into the bay, but I got a short 50 minute row in. It was a blast!

Dolphin Club > South End Club
I'm pretty close to the 3 month mark, where the surgeon said is about where my bones are back to 100%. I pretty much feel that way now. The apparent cant in my teeth is still there, but much reduced, it looks like the elastics are helping slightly. The mid-line is slightly off still too, but it's minor and I've gotten used to it at this point.

On to Day 145(!!) (5 month check-in)


  1. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽happy to read about your smooth recovery. Well done Sam.

  2. Rowing must be amazing outdoor aerobic exercise. Very nice Sam.


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