Day 199 (6.5 months) : Teeth are straightening out!

My lower teeth are not as canted/tilted compared to a 6 months ago! I hadn't noticed, because the changes my orthodontist were doing were so gradual it seemed like nothing was happening. But here we are, look at this comparison pic from 2 weeks after surgery versus now (6 months later).

Left - 2 weeks after surgery, Right - 6 months after surgery
If you look at the angle of lower brace wire versus the top, after surgery it was tilted. To me at the time it felt like my left side of the teeth met first and the right side not at all, almost like my jaw was canted.

I worried about this quite a lot, and had several conversations with my orthodontist and surgeon about it. They were not worried, and now I'm finally starting to understand why. It was a teeth alignment issue more than a jaw alignment issue. My right teeth (left in the pictures) touched on the tops and bottom in weird ways, with the lower teeth meeting outside the upper teeth, when it's supposed to be the other way. Because of this even with elastics they were not wanting to come together as quickly as my left side, thus causing this tilted look.

The mid-line (middle teeth top vs bottom horizontal alignment) also seems to be coming closer together, or at least it's getting more difficult for me to notice any issue there.

Now, after 6 months of elastics, wires, teeth reshaping, and more elastics, it does look like the teeth are coming closer together. The orthodontist says there's probably only a couple more visits, so at roughly 1.5 months per visit, hopefully less than 6 months to go!


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    1. Looks amazing. What a difference from pre-op photographs.
      I am impressed at your patience & diligence to get underbite fixed.


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