Day 268: Mini-surprises near the end of the road

Today I was trying to explain what is different about my teeth after double jaw surgery and braces. To others it looks like nothing much changed, and I forget sometimes why I got jaw surgery, except when I'm eating.

Now that I'm less than 2 months from getting my braces off, my teeth are almost in their final position. I've been noticing more and more during meals that I'm comfortable biting fully into meats and veggies. I still get surprised when my upper teeth collide with my lower teeth and the food separates cleanly.

In a funny way I find myself worrying saying "wait this isn't normal," and then I realize that actually I'd just never had it normal before. This has been a long ride, but from what I'm seeing now the destination is looking pretty awesome.


  1. You have handled your post-op recovery phase very well, Sam.

  2. I'm experiencing the exact same thing, I'm a couple months from braces being removed and biting and eating feels so strange and not normal but then I have to remind myself this is in fact normal. I've actually asked a close friend once, "so, how exactly do you chew?" I had gotten so used to my chew "work around" my whole life that I really had to have instructions on how to chew my food haha

    1. Haha yep, I got used to it within a month or so, now the only reminder is the lower permanent retainer and wearing a retainer at night. Nice thing is now that it's been a year + w/o braces, I don't sweat if I forget to wear the retainer a night or two here and there.


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