10 Month Check-In (Day 315) : The Final Week

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It's happening.

In 6 days I'm having my braces taken off. At this point I basically have Stockholm syndrome with my braces, and find myself worrying about not being able to blame braces for all my problems in life.

I've been wearing the required 5 elastics at night consistently for the last 2 months, I'm not about to screw this up after the 2 years I've had this braces, not a chance. Wherever I walk I keep my guard up for any potential boxer assailants, this jaw is currently Air Force One.

In terms of teeth movement, it's been subtle, but my bite has become so solid I haven't even realized that I'm biting into difficult to cut things like celery and cutting them cleanly. I still occasionally look at a bite and show it to whoever I'm eating with currently, letting them know how accomplished I am, though they seem to not find it as impressive as me. There has been some shaping up of the mid-line a good bit, here's 4 months ago versus now.

Top - September 2017 (4 months ago) vs. Bottom - Jan 2018 (Today)
Sure the mid-line isn't perfect, but the cant is pretty much completely gone! Pretty much nobody notices the offset mid-line unless I tell them first, so I'm going to drop this in the Not-An-Issue bin and move on with my life.

Hot-tip: Schedule your cleaning for 2 hours after your braces are off, it should help handle any teeth discolorations around the braces and also just feel amazing in general. I'm looking forward to getting it all done in one fell swoop.

I will be getting a permanent retainer in the lower teeth, and upper and lower retainers for the rest of my life. After 2 years of this, I don't mind at all. It sounds like it'll eventually become something I only need to wear weekly. The reason I don't care about this? NO MORE ELASTICS. Oh man, no more elastics. I cannot bloody wait to not have to use elastics again. Just typing this I worry that I'm going to walk in on brace-off day and they'll give me special elastics that I have to wear or something. Nah...

Also, of course I was given a jury duty summons on that week, luckily I can postpone it once, and will probably have to.

On to Braces off!
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  1. Well written Sam. Looking forward to seeing your smile..... without 😁 braces.


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