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End of the line (Day 762) - 2 years since Jaw Surgery

The only remnants of jaw surgery at this point have been the quarterly orthodontist checkups to track how my teeth have moved since jaw surgery...and probably to make sure I'm still wearing my retainers. Just so we're clear, I still wear my retainers. I've not gone through 3 odd years of braces and jaw surgery to mess it all up by not wearing a stupid piece of plastic while sleeping. I absolutely love smiling now. Also biting into things. it's a pretty sweet gig if I'm being honest. Two years later, I don't feel like my smile is any worse than my gf's perfect teeth. Damn her genetics, though admittedly she also has a permanent retainer. In terms of office visits at this point it's been a point of pride and fun to come back and say hello to the staff. I have to give them quite a bit of credit for that I admit, looking through my pre-op and pre-braces photos of my teeth is almost gruesome. What a lovely fellow. Who would've thought a cas