Day 0 : Surgery

It's been a few hours since I got out of surgery. No complications heck yes!!! I also added some updates about right before and after surgery in the previous post.

They're super impressed with how good I'm going, almost no blood sucked out. We had to collude with the nurse to get some Apple juice because the surgeons forget to put in the liquid diet. My goal right now is to pee asap so they don't need to put a catheter in. I'm not going to let that happen.

First selfie a couple hours after surgery. I have a plastic splint between my teeth and the jaws are wired shut over it. This leaves almost no space in the mouth for air or liquids to get through, except around the sides where the wisdom teeth used to be.

My only regret so far is not shaving before surgery. The pain has been non existent, though I'm being proactive with asking for pain meds. The was maybe a minute or two where I felt nauseous but we medicated that asap.

Here's me drinking some Apple juice using a squeeze bottle and a straw as a funnel.

Full baby-mode engaged, squeezing apple juice down a straw as a funnel into the side of my cheek

(Update 10:08pm) drank three Apple juices, peeing is totally going to happen. They want to measure it though.

Several steroids to reduce swelling, spray for nose. I can breathe clearly through the nose which is fantastic. Even more fantastic is I think I can still feel both of my lips!! The only numb sites right now are the front of my chin and a bit of the inside of the nose area. That may change with swelling though.

Talking is fun too, though it's more a game of charades at the moment.

I've been really impressed with the Kaiser hospital and staff. I got my own private room with a cot for my mum to stay in, a TV (which I didn't use), and a sweet remote that could control nurses and electronics with ease. What power.

They also brought in a humidifier mask which was magical and I think, based on what I've read about other blogs, the reason my nose was never clogged and therefore I never felt like I was suffocating. Nurses came by consistently with pain meds, anti-nausea meds, and shots to reduce swelling. They were totally on top of their game.

On to Day 1!


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