Day 1 : Discharge!

All the surgeons and nurses are impressed with my recovery speed.

Swelling is starting to increase today but they just unhooked most of the machines and I'll leave around 11am.

Back at the hotel with my awesome carer 
Last night the nurses wanted to put a urinary catheter (Foley?) In me since I hadn't gone in 8 hours. I begged to go for a walk and tried peeing again. Success, most terrifying pee I've had in a while.

Sleep over the night was on and off, but I feel a little more rested now. My nose is still clear so it's made breathing very easy.

After successfully avoiding a catheter, best smile of the day
In hindsight I wished I brought a button shirt and track pants to wear home since it's harder to put anything on over your head.

I had brought big straws which let me squeeze Apple juice into then like a funnel. I should have also brought a condiment bottle and sippie cups for water, which I had to squeeze using syringes at first.

The surgeons think I'll recover very quickly, and suggest I practice talking as much as possible, walking, and drinking from cups instead of syringes.

(Update 10:57am) My girlfriend and friend came and drove us back to the hotel at around 10am, we just arrived, I'm feeling great. Having a clear nose makes breathing very easy. We turned on the cool mist humidifier next to my bed, and I can tell it's helping keep my nose moist.

Now that there's someone else besides my mum to take care of me for a bit, my mum is finally getting some rest and cleanup.

For now, I'm testing out a condiment bottle with water to drink from, it's slow going but seems to work.

(Update 12:26pm) Swelling continues to increase, drinking water and apple juice like a madman. no more sinus blood when going to bathroom which is nice. My nose has been a trooper this entire surgery.

Coworkers told me "You look like a hot dog"
With all the ice packs and humidifier going I'm actually pretty chilly right now. Huddled up in blanket with a beside table with laptop and stuffs.

Bedside table, best thing ever
I've been using an online text-to-speech system to help me communicate, since there's my jaw is wired shut and there's a plastic splint in my mouth blocking most airflow, making speaking difficult.

On to Day 2.


  1. I am very impressed to see how you look, not even quite a day after the surgery! keep on the good work :)


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