1 Week Check-In (Day 7) : Pain means Gain!?

Comparison photos are in their own post on Day 5.

Epic lower jaw movement. Day 5 vs pre-surgery. More in this post
In the early morning I felt some sharp stabs of pain in my (previously numb) chin. I think this means the mental nerve is regrowing! I either have an amazing surgeon and/or I am wolverine. I'm leaning towards both.

Week 1 : Partial numbness in these areas. Only my upper gums/teeth have no nerve sensation at this point.
What's awesome is I don't think any skin on my face has 100% numbness anymore, my chin was the last holdout. Though it's still quite deadened (feels like a mass of flesh), I am starting to feel some surface twinges and pains. Inside my mouth, my lower jaw seems to be regaining sensation full speed ahead. The gums and teeth definitely have sensation now, and I am starting to feel where the sutures were. The upper gum and teeth are still 100% numb, which is to be expected since those nerves were completely severed, and should take months to recover. The medical terminology for these pins and needles sensations is paresthesia.

On a related note, I'm pretty certain my facial swelling has reduced today as well, I'm excited to be able to feel the curve of my chin again!

Week 1, I can feel the swelling reduce. The double-chin is 'almost' gone!
To continue my wolverineyness, I went for a long 3.92 mile walk today down to fisherman's wharf and back. I was able to keep my average heart rate at around 108bpm, with a few spurts into 140bpm range. Today was also the day I finally climbed all 4 flights to my apartment in one go. My energy is definitely much higher today!

Outdoor sunglases + cap stealth mode
Longest walk to date.

(Update 6:50pm) I was able to skip some pain meds today, so one could argue we've entered the as-needed paradigm. Lizzy and Anastasia were also tired today and we decided to do a home movie + takeout night. They got food from Shalimar (yes, that one that my parents rave about) and we're watching My Neighbor Totoro. I've seen it, I'll always watch it again, if you haven't seen it, it's a Miyazaki film. It's hard to think of a person who would not enjoy this film.

They ate everything I love in front of me. They have no shame.
Also, we ate a ton of food, and by we, I mean them. I drank at least 4 different kinds of broths. And I regret my decision now.

On to Day 8.


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