T minus 2 days : All the foods

Yesterday and today I've tried to eat everything I thought I'd miss. It's a bit cliche at this point having read all the other jaw surgery blogs but yes, it was my last supper also. Several friends came over with a list of all the favourite foods people with jaws like to eat, and it turns out it's mostly carbs. We had lots of pizza, donuts, popcorn, french bread and cheese, and mini quiches.

Bob's Donuts. Never forget.
Today my parents arrived, my mum in particular had brought enough icepacks to keep a small platoon of penguins comfortable on an extended expedition away from Antarctica. She also brought several varieties of sippy-cups, which I'm looking forward to testing in battle.

Borrowing my gf's blender, which will be my new best friend soon.
My dad told me to take it easy these days before surgery, so today became a lazy netflix and chill day (Children of Men, amazing movie), with bouts of gorging myself at restaurants with the family. Hands down the best authentic Indian food I've had in SF so far has been at Shalimar, where an entire meal for 3 costs like $25, less than crab cakes at Big4, an insanely expensive restaurant that I regret taking my dad to. The crab cakes were pretty tasty though. Tomorrow I'm going to take him to Shalimar.

Shalimar, hidden hole-in-the wall on Polk st with amazing North Indian food on the cheap.
My mum make sure we eat here every time she visits.
Tomorrow is preparation day, getting my togo bag ready with some basic toiletries, a hand mirror, track pants and shirt, drivers license and medical ID card etc. I am supposed to stop eating 8 hours before surgery, so essentially by midnight tomorrow. Surprisingly they say I can drink basic clear liquids or light teas/coffee up until 2 hours before. Time to get some good rest tonight.

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