T minus 3 days : Practice smoothie run

Why wait for surgery to wire your jaws shut?
Every little sniffle or cough makes me freeze and worry if I've caught a cold. I don't think I have one, but I guess we'll know soon enough. On an unrelated note, since I've got these surgical hooks in my girlfriend had an experiment for me: A test run at drinking a fruit smoothie with teeth wired shut using floss.

Turns out floss works really well as a wire, I couldn't open my jaw at all. It was extremely unnerving. After a minute I got used to the sensation, though it was strange leaving my jaw muscles slack and not having my jaw fall.

All-the-fruits smoothie
At some point my brain decided to call the strange sensations pain, and we used scissors to cut the floss wire open. Right now because there's an under-bite, I had a big gap between the teeth which made it easy to drink the smoothie from, so the experiment may have had false premises.

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  1. Wow... well done with the experiment! I thought you would have to be drinking with a throw... but I can't see how you could but it in your mouth after the doctor places the jaw in the correct position?

    1. Thanks haha, yes I'm probably not using a straw to avoid suction, but I will be using both a syringe with a plastic tube initially and then condiment bottles to dispense food into my mouth.


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