7 Week Check-In (Day 46-49) : Burger Biting! Nerve sensation coming back

My chin is getting more and more liquid sensations, and now random pings of pain pop up randomly. It's actually a little obnoxious at times. I'm glad the mental nerve is regenerating now, at roughly 1-2 months in, ahead of schedule. From what I can glean online, full nerve sensation (if ever) can take 6-12 months to come back. The fact I'm feeling as much as I do now is a pretty clear sign I'll probably have full recovery.

Before/After surgery comparison: Grey shirt is pre-surgery, scarf is at 7 weeks
Just to be clear, if my nerve regrowth on my face were to stop today, I'd still be completely happy. There's no points with 0 sensation, and only the lower half of my chin has lets say 80% nerve sensation at this point, which makes shaving weird but otherwise is fine. As long as the inside-out sensation gets remapped correctly given time I've got no issues.

My face swelling feels exactly the same. My bite is definitely connecting better nowadays. I was able to bite into a 100% normal restaurant burger the other day. It was absolutely glorious. I could use my front teeth to bite down, I still have to jut my lower jaw a little bit for teeth connection and the braces get in the way. But this was a bite I haven't had in 2 years. My jaw strength and opening size have increased as well. I can chew pasta/lasagna and soft meats easily now. In terms of my bite contact the left half seems 100%, the right half is say 80%, with only the back molars and pre-molars not touching with a 1-2mm gap.

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  1. I am glad, you can bite into a burger 🍔. 👌🏽
    Your profile has changed remarkably. Looks great.

  2. The change on your profile pics is telling. Pretty cool!


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