Two month Check-In (Day 60) : Got a dental cleaning finally

It's been 2 months now! Around last week I realized I forgot I ever got surgery. It's a surprising feeling considering just a month ago about all I could think about was my jaw's future. My swelling has reduced in the last month, it's barely noticeable at this point. Now I don't really see it in the mirror, but can feel it when I press around my cheeks.
2 month post-op (~9 weeks)
When shaving there's a small spot on my chin which is still relearning it's nerve sensations and feels tingly on touch. Besides this little reminder, the only things that have really changed at this point from before vs. after surgery is having to put on elastics, and not being able to eat hard carrots or nuts yet. I had a pretty hard time with them before due to braces anyway so this isn't a big deal.

I also went traveling this weekend. I just need to remember to take elastics with me when going on trips, otherwise it's business as usual at this point.

Nothing like dating someone with perfect teeth to feel insecure about your own braces and jaw surgery results.
I was late with this post, as I'm actually at 9 weeks, but I'll put that post up in a few days. But the two major changes so far have been #1, I got my teeth cleaned at the dentists! This has been LONG overdue, and my teeth have felt slightly yellow for months at this point. The dentist (new, hadn't seen me before surgery) was very pleased to hear about how well my surgery and recovery went. What was nice to see was that my teeth weren't too worse for the wear since last year. Using a water-pik has been very helpful in keeping my mouth and gums clean. I went to the orthodontist and got my wires out before going to the dentist, making it much easier for them to do a thorough job cleaning.
Bottom : Before cleaning, Top: After cleaning
It felt absolutely great to see my smile after the cleaning. I was smiling all day.

I still have some worries about how my teeth line between lower and upper teeth don't seem straight. But after looking at a pre vs post surgery pic, I can see that my upper teeth had entirely been shifted off to the right (left in the picture). I drew it here as a green squares in the top left of the image.

Top: Pre-surgery, Bottom: Post-surgery, looking at how the side teeth meet with high-quality green line overlays.
What I notice for where the side teeth meet (circled in red), before surgery they were off in position to the right of my face (left side of image), and that was corrected with the surgery. This may have been the jaw cant the surgeon was fixing. The secondary thing about how the teeth line appears and tilt of the teeth is something that may or may be fixed with orthodontics, but is only an aesthetic thing that I can notice, nobody else cares till I point it out.

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