10 Week Check-In (Day 60-73) : Biting harder things

10 weeks has come and gone in a flash. A friend at lunch asked about my surgery and it took me a few moments to remember I had had it. I'm so used to my new bite, it fits nicely together (except for the right side molars, which still don't touch but the gap is slowly closing).

Lizzy says my swelling has reduced a little over time, I can't really tell the difference yet. We can both still see puffiness on my cheeks, so hopefully that'll reduce in another month or so.

Left - 4 weeks post-op, Right - 10 weeks post-op
As you can see, besides the haircut, I look about the same. One big difference from 4 weeks ago is that my jaw feels very strong now, even though I can't yet bite into almonds or carrots fully, I've started gnawing away at them with greater success each time.

I have 3 elastics that are put in a box configuration around my teeth, the front two I only have to wear at night. The right rear is always-on except when I eat. It is trying its best to bring my molars together.

I'm getting more comfortable with my teeth every day, I'm interested to see if my overbite will reduce, or if this is the right amount, as it feels like there's around a 2 mm overbite now. Eating is still easy since I can pull my lower jaw forward slightly when biting to cut into food (I can BITE into food now!). My next orthodontist appointment is ~5 weeks away, till next time.

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