Day 25 - 26 : Ghost in the Shell and Picnics

These last two days my energy continues to return, I can walk at normal speeds now. My mouth is opening much wider thanks to the jaw exercises, at about 1.5 fingers now. This makes brushing much, much easier, since the toothbrush can fit inside the mouth fully, whereas before I had to kind of angle it in several places just to fit. This is still the baby toothbrush, the other one is still too big.

An interesting aside with my new jaw position is how it changes a lot of things I used to take for granted. You know how when brushing you spit out what's in your mouth into the sink after you're done? The first time I tried doing that, my spit went in the wrong direction. My muscle memory for pursing my lips is completely off now. Luckily nobody saw the results of that mistake.

Similarly, I was getting dinner with a visiting friend, and as we were discussing this, he asked if I could still whistle. I've been able to whistle before the surgery, the simple not super loud one without fingers. Anyway, I'm sitting at this restaurant and I try to whistle, and I just basically make a fart sound instead. I continue to do this for the next 2 minutes until I get out a meager whistle. The restaurant must have loved this. It's a very strange and interesting sensation to find things you took for granted not working anymore. Thankfully relearning them has been easy so far.

Yesterday (day 25) Lizzy and I went and saw the new Ghost in the Shell movie. I've seen the 1995 original anime movie, as well as several of the standalone complex episodes. Considering how american movies tend to ruin a lot of japanese animation, I went in with low expectations. However, both of us were pleasantly surprised. I really liked the movie, and I thought Scarlett Johansson did a really good job of acting as the Major. The story was definitely heavily modified/simplified for american consumption, but it was still solid. The visuals were absolutely gorgeous, the music was fantastic. I think it was worth watching in an IMAX 3D (in the afternoon for a cheaper ticket though).

Today I went to a picnic with friends at Dolores park. Great time relaxing with friends. It was super sunny and hot, and even before surgery I'd normally get a bit overwhelmed from the heat. I could feel my energy disappear a lot quicker after surgery, within an hour or so I was starting to feel pretty light-headed, but it was fine once I headed home out of the sun.

Day 26
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