Day 167 : Orthodontics continues despite Eclipse

At today's checkup with the orthodontist, I've finally graduated to only wearing elastics at night! I can finally not worry about carrying around elastics during the day, having it snap during meals (yes, one is supposed to take them off...), or finding random food-bits stuck behind the bands hours later.

Some rubber power-chain type elastic were added to the front of my upper teeth, which is meant to help my center-line (mid-line!) stay the same or improve.

Before all this I spent the morning on the roof yelling at the clouds to get out of the way so I could get some photos of the eclipse. A few minutes of clear sky let me get several shots.

Took this photo sequence of the solar eclipse today using a telescope + camera.

I said I'd never dare hope again, but here it is, I'm starting to hope that my braces might be coming off within 6 months.

On to Day 188 (6 month check-in)


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