9 Month check-in (Day 255)

The last 3 months have been me living my life with elastics in varying configurations. There has been a small gap between my back right molars which the orthodontist has been trying his darndest to close... Every few movements a gap opening here and there between my teeth, with the solution being More Elastics!

Left: March, Right: Today/November
A big improvement in the twist in the upper teeth, and though it's hard to see, you'll notice the teeth near the molars all meet much better now (before there was just huge gaps)
I've been wearing 5 elastics that do things like trying to pull the midline back in, and getting my molars to touch.

Yes, it's been frustrating.


Yesterday, the orthodontist looked around at my teeth. Then he looked around again. He looked confused, and looked further in with my mouth open and closing several times. Then it happened. "Let's schedule you for impressions next visit, and the visit after that we'll take your braces off."

My immediate instinct was that this was a trap. But no, I'm now scheduled for 3 visits in january. Getting impressions on Jan 8th. Getting my braces taken off on Jan 22nd. And then getting my retainer a few days after it.

As an added icing on the cake, I only have to wear my elastics at night again! THE END IS NIGH!

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