Day 43-45 : Chin nerve regeneration

The last two days I've started to feel the strangest sensations on the (previously) numb part of my chin. Whenever I drink cold water, it feels like the outside of my chin is wet! This gives me the uncomfortable sensation that water is seeping out from inside my mouth to the chin via osmosis. I have to check every so often to make sure that, no, my chin is not a permeable sponge this time.

Work is going alright, still having trouble getting back into the right mindset, but each day it gets a bit easier.

Home-made crab-cakes thanks to friends.
We made crab-cakes yesterday, they were magnificent because not only were they delicious but they were also soft. Chewing has become a lot easier lately. I'm starting to be able to apply some force to do the actual act. I have pretty good lateral motion of the jaw (left-right), and my front teeth meet mostly equally. There's still a gap in the back right molars. My orthodontist feels the mid-line will probably get partially corrected with orthodontry. He thinks if there's a minor jaw cant it'll be complicated but manageable with orthodontics as well. This is good to hear.

My overjet (the forward-backward gap between front top teeth and front bottom teeth) is about 3mm now, which means I have to jut my lower jaw forward to make my teeth bite. It's like I traded a major underbite for a minor overbite! The surgeon had put elastics to keep my lower jaw from migrating forward so it's probable that with orthodontics these issues will start to resolve themselves.

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