Day 13 : Boredom and errands

This video almost perfectly shows exactly what my surgery + orthodontics is trying to accomplish.

In terms of recovery, I think I'm entering a plateau at this point. The swelling will continue to go down incrementally, but unnoticeably. My energy will continue to increase slowly as well. My nose doesn't seem to have any more old blood coming out of it.

I can suck from a straw now, my left ear is still stuffy, but according to the surgeon that's normal, and I shouldn't try to pop it. That's pretty annoying, but manageable.

I've convinced myself that the teeth tilt is not a sign that my jaw is canted. So I can be anxious about that only most of the time now.

Day 13
Tomorrow will mark the 2-week mark though, which is exciting! Most other blogs seemed to stop posting daily by this point, going to weekly or monthly. I may do the same.

On to Day 14.


  1. The video you posted really demonstrate the operation you are going through very well!

  2. Good video, Sam. When is your next appointment with Dr. O'Ryan? Would you ask her about the cant- why she is not concerned about it? Or rather, how will it be corrected?
    Or email her and clarify.

    1. I sent an email to clarify.

      Both Dr. O'Ryan (surgeon) and Dr. Quinn (orthodontist) have seen my teeth/jaws in the last few days and didn't notice anything worrying. I think it's because my jaws are aligned correctly, and my teeth have always (before surgery) been tilted. The tilt is only noticeable now because they fixed the jaws and straightened out the teeth.

      If it's teeth only/majorly (which is my guess as to what they'll say), then that's fixed with orthodontics and is already on the roadmap.


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