2 Week Check-In (Day 14)

It's the two week mark! This is a good time to do a comparison over the last 14 days. Today was also a special day in that my weight has gone up. Rats.

My swelling seems to have reached a plateau. Here's all my front and side photos over the last two weeks.

Front Profile

The very first photo from surgery actually has the least swelling, as my body hadn't yet had time to swell up. Today I'm starting to look closer to that day, but I still have the 'baby fat' on my cheeks giving my face a more squarish look.

And here's the side profile.

Side Profile
Once again, the surgery photo shows the best profile, since I still have swelling above my upper lip, and around my cheeks. The chin is starting to look similar however.

Things have definitely reached an equilibrium at this point. I feel mostly self-sufficient. I still have to be careful about bending over for too long or else the blood rush to my head will get me light-headed and potentially bleeding again, but that feeling has reduced a lot.

My numbness on the outside continues to reduce. My chin is pretty much the only outside area that still has partial numbness, say 50%. Inside my mouth, my upper teeth and gums are still fully numb, except for a small region in the back right molars where I'm starting to regain some sensation of cold.

Partial numbness in chin, full numbness in upper teeth/gum.
The partial numbness near my eyes and nose is almost completely gone now, maybe 10% numb.

On to Week 3.